Animalhealer Academy

Professional Practitioners Program

Are you an Animal Professional?

Perhaps a Vet, a Chiropractor or an
Animal Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Or do you work with Acupuncture or Kinesiology?

Mayby you are a Zoo-keeper or work in an

Animal Rescue Center?


This program is aimed at the Professional Practitioner, who wants to add an extra layer to his/her knowledge.


Any experienced Animal Professional knows, that there's that special 'something' with the Connection to The Animals. That mayby language does'nt have to always be vocal. That the bond to the animals can be so suttle and almost telepathic, in some ways. Like there's an

Energy Presence between

Animal & Human!

If you would like to hear more, please reach out and we will schedule a Zoom/Skype call, where we can talk about how to tailor you Professional Practitioners Program.

You know that extra 'something' your feel is in the air?


You can feel/know/sense something is present, when you are around animals in your line of work? 

The PPP is tailored to meet your specific needs!

No two Animal Professionals do things the same way or have the same experience in their background, all the work we have done with the animals we have treated or worked with over the years, have shaped us into, who we are today!

  • Do you have that 'special sense of a connection' with your patients/clients, that you cannot exactly 'put your paw on', what is?

  • Do you sense into something undefinable, but energetic, while working with the your patients/clients?

  • Do you have a Connection in your work, that is not mentioned in your 'normal' textbooks? :o)

Compose your Course as it fits you ...

The Professional Practitioners Program *PPP*

can be structured in various ways.

What is important is, that it supplies your
existing professional knowledge,

with that extra layer of Insights into
The Spiritual World of The Animals.

  • Foundation Course Online

    The Foundation Course is the base layer of knowledge and the Corner Stone in our process of Knowledge.

    As part of the PPP, you

    Get Access to this

    Online Training Program.

  • 'PPP' Online Training Portal

    As part of the ppp, you get acces to Personalised  Guided Meditations, additional workbooks
    and personal Training Material,

    all aligned with the Course Design we decide for building  your

    Professional Practitioners Toolbox

    The additional program material for your PPP Course, is collected in your personalised  online portal.

  • 1:1 session online ...

    1:1 Sessions via Skype or Zoom.

    Together we arrange how many sessions is appropriate, to get you to that level on insights, you wish to attain.

    Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and requirements for support and foundation.

  • 1:1 sessions on-site

    When travelling is an option, we host Heartconnected On-site Sessions with the animals living at our farm or those living at the Rescue Centers, supported by The Animalehealer Academy Rescue Program, here in Denmark.

Building The Connection ...

The aim with this program is to add an 'energetical' layer

to your existing knowledge.

Working with The Energy Body of both animals and humans,
can provide that extra layer of insight into the non-physical realm of the
connection between Animals & Humans.


  • Dive into your Connection

    WHAT is it, that works 'behind the scenes' in The Spititual World of The Animals?


    Together, we dive into that  Connection we all have inside of us, from where our Inner Source lives in Harmony with Nature and Mother Earth


  • Add to your Toolbox!

    As a Pro, it is important to keep adding to your existing Professionals Toolbox.


    Developing a Spiritual Pracsis and dive into Personal Growth, together with The Animal Kingdom, is rewarding on many levels

  • Work your Energy Body

    HOW to navigate this Energy layer and get familiar with the layers of this Energy Structure - both in you and in the animals.


    A Heartcentered approach and the Theory behind this knowledge to back up the spiritual experiences, is a powerfull platform to work from


  • Fill the Gap between us ...

    By Cultivating this space, we get into a deeper Contact with The Animals.


    We are able to Channel Healing Energy and create a bond of Communication with The Spiritual Animal Kingdom, learning from their wisdom.


Working with your Connection, getting into that extra layer of Sensitivity & Energy, that working with Spirituality can bring forth in us,

can add some additional finesse to your work and

deepen your connection to the animals.

The aim is to support you in what you do allready, as a professional in your special field of expertise, just diving a little deeper into that Spiritual Connection, that we all have inside of us -

and that The Animals know so well!!


I believe that working together 'physical and non-physical worlds combined', gives the best platform for our animals to thrive and live their best life!


I have supported many Animal Professionals over the years, in many ways, as well as they have supported me and my own beloved animals, with their level of expertice.



All course options includes access to
The Animalhealer Academy

Foundation Course Online Training

Course Content

Join the

Animalhealer Academy

Foundation Course

You will learn how to

Heal & Communicate

with The Animals

Your training material will cover in-depth training around all the important aspects of the teachings in becoming an
Animalhealer & Animal Communicator


Course Modules

The Foundation Course is your fundamental guide into the beautiful
Spiritual World of The Animals.

  • Healing in Theory

    • Introduction to Healing Animals
    • The Structure of The Energy Body
    • The Interconnectedness of Animals & Humans
  • Spiritual Development

    • A Study in Spirituality & Your Own Inner Work
    • The Group Soul & The Oversoul Varieties
    • Soul Animals & Karma Animals
  • Energy Work

    • Clairs & Your Sensory System
    • Initiation of The Healing Session
    • Healing Methods
  • Animalhealers Toolbox

    • Working with Your Guide Team
    • Animal Communication
    • Healing Techniques

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Professionals Practitioner Program

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Book your


and let's discuss your options for becoming part of The Professional Practitioners Program

(or 'PPP' for short :o) )


Animalhealer Academy

is a Spiritual Transformation Platform, contributing to raising the Awareness of Animals, their energy field and their spiritual intention for inhabiting this world together with us humans.


The aim is to highten the awareness of how important it is for both humans and animals, to live together in loving and compassionate co+existence.

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