Grow & Expand Spiritually, through
Conscioussnesswork with The Animals

Animalhealer Academy is a

Spiritual Transformation Platform

  • Do you have an inner calling to Heal and Communicate with The Animals?

  • Are you on a Spiritual Path towards inner Knowingness
    and Connection to The Source?

  • Do you wish to deepen your Spiritual Work and connect to your Heart? The Animals can teach you how!

  • Are you willing to put your Spirituality to work, in service for

    The Animals and Mother Earth?

Join the

Animalhealer Academy

Foundation Course

You will learn how to

Heal & Communicate with The Animals

Your training material will cover in-depth training around all the important aspects of the

teachings in becoming an
Animalhealer & Animal Communicator


Course Modules

To guide you into the Beautiful Spiritual World of The Animals.

  • Healing in Theory

    • Introduction to Healing Animals
    • The Structure of The Energy Body
    • The Interconnectedness of Animals & Humans
  • Spiritual Development

    • A Study in Spirituality & Your Own Inner Work
    • The Group Soul & The Oversoul Varieties
    • Soul Animals & Karma Animals
  • Energy Work

    • Clairs & Your Sensory System
    • Initiation of The Healing Session
    • Healing Methods
  • Animalhealers Toolbox

    • Working with Your Guide Team
    • Animal Communication
    • Healing Techniques

Build up your knowledge and help The Animals!

With Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course you get access to  exclusive material and shared knowledge, to guide you to become an Animalhealer and an Animal Communicator


  • A 6 months program for Spiritual Growth with Animals

  • 4 overall relevant subjects for Communication & Healing for Animals

  • 12 topic modules, packed with material & guidance

  • Every 2 weeks, a module is released in your

    Personal Study Portal

  • Option to furthering your studies, with The Animalhealer Academy Mentee Program

Become a Lightworker for

The Animals

Learn how to transform and lift the frequency of the energy to help all the animals of this world!

6 months

Study period

4 Subjects

Relevant topics

12 modules

Packed with content

2 weeks

Biweekly content release

Support The Animals

Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program

By entering into

Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course

you automatically donate 50 USD to the charity causes supported by this program.


By supporting these rescue centers, who work so hard to care for the animals,you help


Save the animals of this world,

One animal at a time!

  • The Rescue Program supports Denmarks two largest rescue centers for animals

  • Follow the residents of Odsherred Zoo Rescue & Nyt Hesteliv ('New Horselife')

  • The Rescue Program supports  nearly 700 rescue animals!

Our Philosophy

At Animalhealer Academy we believe, that

we all have a Connection inside of us,

from where our Inner Source lives in Harmony with Nature and Mother Earth.


By Cultivating this space, we get into a deeper Contact

with The Animals and we are able to Channel Healing Energy and

Communicate with The Animal Kingdom.

  • Your bond with Animals

    Everybody contains the power inside of them to create a Healing Space between human and animal

  • Your Inner Power

    Tapping into this inner power, will assist in the liberation of our Spiritual Truth and enlighten our
    unique spiritual path moving forward in life

  • Your Heart in Balance

    This supports the alignment of harmony and balance in our Hearts, to work in Conscious Awareness with
    The Animal Kingdom

  • Your Compassion

    Through Compassion and Loving Communion with The Animals of This World, together we can transform the energy and lift the energy and the conscioussness on this planet.

Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course

Join The Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course!

We are looking forward to share all our knowledge with you

and at the same time wellcome you to The Rescue Program

$299/One time payment

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

"Animal Healer Academy just opened a new door for me, a dream so big I couldn't even imagine: communicating with animals, what a gift! Our professor Charlotte is amazing, she explains everything in a very clear way and the lessons are very enlightening and complete. I highly recommend the Animalhealer Academy and the Foundation course"

with love Joana ❤

Joana, Portugal

''With Animalhealer Academy Charlotte has created a very much needed space for those who have an interest in animal communication and animal healing. Charlotte Banff is a well of knowledge and intuitive information on the subject. It is absolutely clear that her driving force is connection to and compassion for the animals - and the humans who are lucky enough to be around them. In Animalhealer Academy she generously share her knowledge with her students, who no doubt will be glad they enrolled in the course. I know I AM !!'' Camilla

Camilla, Denmark

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • How long time does the course take?

    The Animalhealer Academy Foundation course runs for a

    period of  6 months.

    The course consists of 12 modules,

    You will receive a new module every 2 weeks.

  • How do I get access to The Foundation Course?

    Upon registering for The Foundation Course, you will receive an introduction email, including a link to access your Training Portal, together with your unique username and password.

  • In what format will I receive the training material?

    The Foundation Course contains both videos, mp4 and pdf-files.

    There are downloadable presentations, workbooks and reflection sheets. Videos and mp4 files are not downloadable, but you can always access them directly in your Training Portal.

  • In what format will I receive the training material?

    The Foundation Course contains both videos and pdf-files.

    There are downloadable presentations, workbooks and reflection sheets. Videos are not downloadable, but you can always access them directly in your Training Portal.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

    Yes, you will receive a Course Participation Diploma upon finishing the 6 month training.

  • Can I get access to all modules at once?

    Carefull concideration, planning and meditation have been given to the timeframe for how long time we believe to be the most appropriate for integrating the knowledge of this course. Naturally not everybody learns the same way, however we are confident that this timeframe is the best one for this course.

  • Do I have to finish the course in 6 months?

    No, you have 3 months after your course completion, where you have access to all the material in your Membership Site.
    Should you wish to continue having access to your Foundation Course, you can sign up for The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program to join The Lemur Pen, thereby getting access for as long as you are enrolled in The Rescue Program.
  • What is 'The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program'?

    The Animalhealer Academy  Rescue Program is a program that is part of the Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course.


    As part of The Foundation Course, you automatically support The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program with USD 50 out of your course fee, helping animals in need.

  • What 'The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program' support?

    The Animalhealer Academy  Rescue Program is a program thatprovides support to Denmarks two largest rescue centers for nearly 700 animals in  Odsherred Zoo Rescue & Nyt Hesteliv ('New Horselife')

  • What is 'The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program'?

    The Animalhealer Academy  Rescue Program provides support to Denmarks two largest rescue centers for nearly 700 animals in  Odsherred Zoo Rescue & Nyt Hesteliv ('New Horselife')

  • What is 'The Lemur Pen'?

    The Lemur Pen is part of The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program.

    The Rescue Program has several tiers, to accomodate different needs.

    Every student of The Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course, is automatically enrolled in the basic level of the Rescue Program.

    By joining The Lemur pen, you tier up, joining into an online community, where you get access to avariety on online activities around the healing work, that supports the animals in the rescue centers we support with Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program.

  • What acitivities take place in 'The Lemur Pen'?

    Your direct support in this program brings you even closer to the daily lives of the rescued animals, strengthening your energetic bond with these beautifull animals and supporting their purpose in this life, helping them to live a fulfilling and rich life.


    On a monthly basis, there will be joined Zoom calls scheduled, for you to participate in. Schedule will alter, giving everyone in various  timezones the opportunies to participate.


    Calls are recorded, so if you cannot participate, you can always watch the recordings, so you don't miss out on the activities
    As an exampel, but not limited to this, are activities as follows:

    • Guided tours in the rescue centers, by video online
    • Interviews with owners and staff of the rescue centers
    • Meet the animals!!! (I meen, we are Animal Communicators - we can interview the animals too!!! :o) )
    • Masterclasses on Healing, Communication and Spiritual Work
    • Masterclasses from healt professionals supporting rescued animals (Vets, Chiropractors and other Practitioners
    • Q&A with with proffesionals from rescue animal organisations around the world
    • ....and many other activities ...
  • Can I join 'The Lemur Pen' without participating in The Foundation Course?

    No, The Lemur Pen is only accessable for students participating in The Animalhealer Academy Foundation Course.

    The Lemur Pen is an add-on to The Foundation Course, thereby giving students the oppurtunity to further engange with the work supported by The Rescue Program and participate in the continous support for the rescue animals of the world.

  • What is the price for joining 'The Lemur Pen

    You can join in The Lemur Pen for USD 10 per month, thereby giving you access to the online community of likeminded Animal Rescuers, a group of heartcentered animal lovers.


    Also, you get access to all the non-downloadable material in the membership site of your Foundation Course, beyond the first 3 months after you have completed your course.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark


  • +45  2078 7038


Animalhealer Academy is a
Spiritual Transformation Platform, contributing to raising the Awareness of Animals, their energy field and their spiritual intention for inhabiting this world together with us humans.

The aim is to highten the awareness of how important it is for both humans and animals, to live together in loving and compassionate co+existence.

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