Help me save

The Animals

of this world,

one animal at a time!!

Animalhealer Academy

Rescue Program

With every purchase of an

Animalhealer Academy Course

you automatically donate 50 USD to the

charity causes supported by The Rescue Program.


By supporting these rescue centers, who work so hard to care for the animals, you contribute helping

saving the animals of this world,

One Animal at a Time

I Am Here For The Animals!

The Animals of this world are in need of help,

they need OUR HELP!

Animalhealer Academy

On a mission To Share
The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally

Giving The Animals A Voice!

'All animals are Sentient Soulful Beings, in their own right'

From The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program Manifesto

The Animalhealer Academy online programs have build-in dotations to support  Rescue Centers for animals in need

With every online course you purchase, 50 USD goes directly to support more than 700 animals in living their best life!

Rescue Program Manifesto

The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program Manifesto

is created to inspire Compassion, Unity and Coherence

with the Animal Kingdom

Rescue Program


Animalhealer Academy

Rescue Program


  • Access to Rescue Program Basic, comes automatically with every purchased Course from Animalhealer Academy
  • Out of your Course Fee, we donate 50 USD to our Rescue Center causes, to help the animals!
  • You can join our free Quarterly Rescue Program Group Calls
  • This is an 'evergreen access', which means that you can join these calls, even after your course is finished!

Animalhealer Academy

Rescue Program


This program is for existing students of Animalhealer Academy!

  • As a student of one of our courses, you are able to join The Lemur Pen
  • Admission Fee is USD 15 per month and the fee goes directly to the Rescue Centers we support, to help the continous work to save the animals!
  • Lemur Pen offers exciting activities, specially designed for this community
  • Monthly Lemur Pen Group Calls, with special information about the life-saving work we support
  • Also access to Quarterly Rescue Program Group Calls from the Basic Level
  • Students of our Mentee & Practitioner programs, are autmatically included in The Lemur Pen for the duration of their program

We help Animals in need!

The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program supports more than 700 animals!


As a student of Animalhealer Academy, you can join The Lemur Pen!

This is our Community for Heartcentered Animal Lovers and Rescuers.

We share the love for these animals and we support them in living their best life.


Support the Animals in the Rescue Centers and join us for all the fun we will share together with the animals

Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Denmarks first and largest rescue center for exotic animals

Odsherred Zoo Rescue

600 animals from all over Europe lives here! Many have been rescued from illegal trafficking of exotic animals, illegal breeding programs and unsuitable living conditions

'New Horselife' (Nyt Hesteliv in Danish :) )

Home for more than 100 horses, donkeys and mules

'New Horselife'

Rescued from the most horrible conditions and many arrive at New Horselife in really poor state! But then the magic starts to happen! They come back to life!!

I have witnessed it time and time again.

'All Animals have a Spiritual Soul and we honor that'

From The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program Manifesto

Join Animalhealer Academy

The Rescue Animals

By joining on of our courses at Animalhealer Academy, you help support more than 700 animals!

Your help matters! Thank you!

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We share stories about the animals we meet on our way. We host events online and on-site.


Charlotte Banff, Li'l Widebay Farm, Denmark

Founder of Animalhealer Academy

I am a Lightworker for The Animals!

I am on a mission to Share The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally!


I have a core believe, that inside all of us, resides the ability to to communicate with The Animal Kingdom and in doing so, I believe that we humans can re-connect to a deeper sence of alignment with our contact to the nature in us.


I have founded Animalhealer Academy as an Online Transformation Platform, for serving the interconnectedness between humans and animals.

The aim is to broaden the knowledge of Animalhealing and Animal Communication and to guide in spiritual growth, through

Healing and Consciousness Work with animals.


Frequently asked question

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  • Copenhagen, Denmark


  • +45  2078 7038


Animalhealer Academy is a
Spiritual Transformation Platform, contributing to raising the Awareness of Animals, their energy field and their spiritual intention for inhabiting this world together with us humans.

The aim is to highten the awareness of how important it is for both humans and animals, to live together in loving and compassionate co+existence.

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